Go.C Personal Hand Sanitizer

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Go.C Personal Hand Sanitizer

Wellness Innovation Labs, a research and development center helping to bring medical device prototypes to market, ​has released their newest project on Kickstarter​. Go. C is a personal and wearable hand sanitizer. In light of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, this eco-friendly, convenient, and minimalist product is built with the customer in mind.

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Kickstarter, the website turning ideas into a funded reality, will host the Go. C campaign.
Interested backers can choose multiple tiers of support from as low as $19.

All backers can receive up to 48% off on their Go. C sanitizer.

Eco-friendly, minimalist, convenient and created just for you!
Go.C Sanitizer is the perfect every day solution.

Advantage of GO.c Sanitizer

  • Easy to use

  • Always by your hand

  • Refillable

  • Eco friendly

  • Cost effective

Go.C sanitizer is always at hand. You just need to attach the sanitizer to your belt, trousers or other horizontal surface of your clothes, and the sanitizer is always with you.

There is no need to remove the cap or open the lid, just press the silicone button and the disinfectant will fall into your hand.

support us on kickstarter